With its naturally smooth taste blanco is perfect for sipping, shots, or mixing. The aroma expresses quiet hints of honey and caramelized agave, while the taste can be described as a smooth blend of sweet, caramelized agave and citrus with a warm, buttery, clean body and finish.


The reposado will be aged close to 11 months in classic Oak barrels. Building from the blanco base, it is micro-batched and aged significantly longer than most other Reposados. The extra barrel time exposes a more developed mellow caramel flavor and deeper color, with even more refined touches of citrus.


Añejo is the richest and most mature tequila and will be aged over 19 months in premium american oak barrels. This lengthy barrel time even further enhances the thick presence of caramel that advances to pleasant notes of chocolate and vanilla, giving it a luxuriously smooth and complex finish.